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Dance Lessons

Dance Lessons For Every Level
Two-Step Dancing  ::  Line Dancing Service :: Swing-Out Dancing

High Steppers Dance Troupe LLC is your first choice for exceptional dance lessons. We teach Houston 2-step and Swing Out dancing. We offer dance services for private, public, coorprate, group and professional organizations.  All types of dance can help with your health and wellness and we strive to provide low-impact aerobic exercise in a fun and enjoyable way.

Swing-Out and Two-Step Dancing
We provide a history of dance in our swing-out and two-step classes. Learning these dances will complete your ballroom experience. These are extremely attractive dances and can be done with all types of music including Rhythm and Blues and Hip-Hop. Our Corporate Partners provide Health and Wellness budgets for their employees to take dance lessons.  Doctors across the country have endorsed dancing as a wonderful form of exercise to improve a heart healthy life, balance, memory and social engagement.

1st Lesson: $15 per person.  All lessons after that $10

Discount Prices

Packages: $85 Includes 10 Instructional Lessons.

              $150 Includes 20 Instructional Lessons.  

               Lessons can be taken at any of the listed Studio locations of Your Choice.

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